Ashley Rogers

Programmer, Game Developer

Will adding too much hydrogen cause this star to supernova? What happens when I throw a planet into a black hole? You’ll have all the tools needed to find these answers and more. You can build the galaxy up from its smallest particles to its largest black holes, and it’s up to you to put the pieces together and Build the Universe.

Building the Universe is a four-player cooperative educational game for grades 4-8 designed to teach kids about the formation of the early universe, from the first protons and neutrons to the earliest stars. The game is being developed by TheBeamer LLC, where I have worked on the project as an intern since September 2018. This has been a challenging project, between the difficulty of creating a multiplayer title and the unique demands of creating an educational product. I am continuing my work at TheBeamer as we continue ever closer towards release.

My contributions as a programmer:

  • Became quickly acquainted with an established codebase to fix or rewrite broken portions.
  • Implemented and debugged complex multiplayer code in Unity.
  • Wrote time-saving editor tools to simplify tedious parts of the testing process, and to work around hardcoded behavior in third party libraries.
  • Met with project lead on a weekly basis to incorporate feedback and adjust our project to fit the requirements of the product owner.