Ashley Rogers

Programmer, Game Developer

Build your ultimate team of gladiators in Colosseum Coach today! In Colosseum Coach you can customize your team of unique gladiators with armor and weapons to defeat the monsters that lay before you in each arena! Slay them all to become the ultimate Colosseum Coach!

Colosseum Coach is a Pokémon-style RPG released in 2017 for Android and iOS. I came onto the project during the push to get it out the door by PAX East that March. It was both the first production game that I worked on and the first game I worked on at MassDiGI.

My contributions as a programmer:

  • Created a modular UI for the in-app purchase menu, allowing items to be swapped in and out via code, to support dynamic product listings.
  • Worked on a procedurally generated gossip system in the shop, to add more personality to the shop menu and to let players know about upcoming daily items.
  • Began work on a daily dungeon system, that created procedurally generated dungeons each day (the same for all players) to extend the game past the static content that was already created for it.