Ashley Rogers

Programmer, Game Developer

Fight robots! Save the world! Do you have what it takes to survive? Accept the challenge in this gnarly new endless runner where only the most radical hero can win!

BATTLE Fight armies of robots in a totally epic run through the apocalypse!

GEAR Customize your player with the most tubular clothing to save this 80s apocalypse world!

COMPETE Join the fight against other rad players to get the top spots on the leaderboards!

Hyper Thunder Run 198X is an endless runner styled after cheesy 80s B-movies, released in 2018 for Android and iOS. I got involved with the project in its first semester in Live Studio, after the project was started in MassDiGI's 2017 Summer Innovation Program. Unlike Colosseum Coach, Hyper Thunder Run 198X wasn't due to release for another semester, so the goal was to complete the major functionality and to begin work on the additional features like missions, leaderboards, and purchasable cosmetics.

My contributions as a programmer:

  • Created a missions system to increase retention that would give the player daily tasks to complete for bonus rewards. Tasks were synced between players - all players on a given day would have the same missions.
  • Implemented an entirely redesigned UI based off of concepts our artist created.
  • Handled weekly builds for Android and iOS.