Ashley Rogers

Programmer, Game Developer

Leap into a mysterious ancient temple as a treasure loving snake! Challenge your puzzle solving talents and test your dexterity with this new puzzle-platformer. Do you have what it takes to dodge the dangers hidden within the temple? And more importantly, how much treasure can you carry?

Leap A Head is a platforming puzzle game released in 2018 for Android and iOS. Like Colosseum Coach, I came on to this project in the final push for release by April in time for PAX East. The goal for those three months were to polish up the game for launch, and to improve our monetization plan.

My contributions as a programmer:

  • Created a smarter advertising system that tracked the players performance and only displayed interstitial ads at times where the player wouldn't find them frustrating.
  • Redesigned the analytics system from the ground up, giving Leap A Head the most comprehensive analytics of any MassDiGI game up to that point.
  • Implemented social sharing, first with the Facebook SDK and later with the native sharing methods built in to mobile operating systems.
  • Added support for iPhone X, adjusting screen elements to fit around the notch.
  • Quite a bit of UI work, especially focusing on the settings page, the loading screen, and the credits.


Much of the work I did on Leap A Head was focused on the UI. As most of the game features were completed at this point, we could focus on polishing the UI for our official release.


When I started on Leap A Head, the settings page was a single button to mute or unmute the audio. I created volume sliders for the music and sound effects, added a button for players to use to rate our game, and added a button to reset their save data.


Settings page before I worked on it. It is a single button to mute and unmute the audio.


Settings page after I worked on it. It has volume sliders for music and SFX, a rate game button, and a reset data button.

Loading Screen

One of my UI contributions was on the loading screen. This was originally just one of the obstacles in the game captioned with the word "loading". I redesigned it to make it more interesting and to fit the playful style of the game.




The credits at the start of the semester were loaded from a text file with hard coded formatting information. I redesigned it to parse the credits information from the file and apply the style information at runtime. This made it a lot easier to add and change credits and allowed me to make the credits page much more visually appealing.


Credits page before I worked on it. Every line is in the same style, with some variation in size.


Credits page after I worked on it. There is a lot more variation in the style.