Ashley Rogers

Programmer, Game Developer

Colosseum3D is a first person gladiator combat game I developed in the span of a week during my sophomore year at Becker. The idea was hatched while working on Colosseum Coach the previous semester - the lead programmer was a big fan of DOOM, and we joked about re-creating the game in the original 1993 DOOM engine. While digging into the guts of a 25 year old engine seemed like a little too much work for a quick game, replicating my idea in Unity seemed like the way to go.

The game features ten waves of enemies, including humans, lions, and hydras, which each have their own unique behavior. You are tasked with defeating them using only your sword and bow. Most of the 2D assets, including the enemies and the crowd, are sourced from the artwork of Colosseum Coach. The rest I put together myself. After developing the original prototype, I experimented with different post-processing effects and shaders, adding an options menu with plenty of effects to choose from - including the option to downscale and limit the palette to the original 1993 DOOM aesthetic, bringing the game full-circle.

Notable parts of this project:

  • Developed core gameplay in under 48 hours.
  • Polished and released within a week.
  • Wrote custom post-processing shaders to fit target aesthetic.
  • Designed and implemented unique AI behaviors for all three types of enemies.